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The beginning of wisdom

The beginning of wisdom

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”

(Proverbs 9:10a)

I’ve been accused of being wise in recent months. It’s not true, I have simply forgotten to cite my sources whenever I say something really profound. In the past coupleĀ of years, I have begun studying the Bible like never before, reading books from the great Church fathers, and listening to sermons from some of the great Christian orators of our generation. True wisdom is a matter of dedication, not ability.

So I decided to spend a little less time speaking my own words (plagiarizing) and instead spend a little more time promoting the voices that have shaped my understanding. For now, here are a few incredible talks that blew my mind this week. I hope you find them as inspirational and incredible as I did:

This series is so good, but this was my favorite message so far.

(How we misinterpret God’s plan for the world.)

Making of the Bible [Extended Version] (Yes, it is 2 hours. It is worth it, and it will change the way you read Scripture. Seriously, so good!)

(I linked my Instagram bio to this page – possibly permanently. I hope to update this page every now and again.)